KOS at GMF 2018!

Greetings, Steamers!

We’re back from Iowa and had a blast performing at The 43rd Annual Glenn Miller Festival!  Updates will be added gradually, but we wanted to give you something to seek your teeth into…..or not.  Below you will find the article we generated for the July Glenn Miller Birthplace Society (GMBS) Newsletter, which reveals our experience as a band at the festival, as well as a link to our actual performance on YouTube.  Eventually, you will see this video on our side bar, but due to technical glitches, that is not yet possible.  Please enjoy reading about and hearing us at the Glenn Miller Festival!

For additional updates, here is our Facebook livestream from Sunday, June 24th where we talk about our GMF experiences and play some music!  Also, here are a couple of fun posts related to our new theme song: Hemidemisemiquaver and Puca.  Please enjoy our antics and stay tuned!  There are a lot more where these come from…..

-Marcy Holub, Key of Steam Owner


GMBS KOS Newsletter Article

First off, we would like to thank The Glenn Miller Birthplace Society for bringing us to the festival and taking a chance on a new type of entertainment, as well as all of the audience members who made our first appearance together quite memorable!  Normally a band of two, we incorporated two additional members, along with their musical and acting talents, especially for this performance.  This was the first time most of the band members had attended the festival (many of you know the GMBS Big Band saxophonist), but our collective experience during the festival was most enjoyable!  While one of our members relaxed in a nearby campground with her family, the rest of us were very pleased with our accommodations at the local Super 8, who so graciously sponsored us for the festival.  Unfortunately, our schedule did not allow us to roam about the high school as much as planned, visit the sites of the town, nor attend many other performances, but we were very well received by everyone we met (whether or not they remembered Marcibel from 2014) and we enjoyed the few shows we were able to catch!

In an effort to bring more and new attendance to the festival, the goal of our participation was to captivate the younger generations, yet still maintain the mood and theme of the weekend. Since our show is designed in a Vaudevillian fashion, we knew it would be appreciated by the regular attendees, as well.  It is not often you find a Vaudeville act at this festival so we do hope to return in the future to provide more entertainment variety.  Again, we would like to thank all of the festival attendees, as well as the board and staff members, for being so friendly and supportive throughout the weekend!  While we wish more people would have attended our show, we realize we were not only an unusual act, but also scheduled at dinner time and most people wanted to eat before attending the 8 o’clock dance with The Glenn Miller Orchestra.  If we are able to return next year, we believe those who attended our show this year will vouch for the caliber of our performance and bring more people along for the adventure!  Stay tuned for more Key of Steam and visit us any time on social media or at keyofsteam.com!


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